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Welcome to Creve Coeur Fire Department


It is the mission of the Creve Coeur Fire Department to provide the best possible Emergency Medical Service, preservation of property from ravages of fire, and the saving of lives through rescue for the people that live, visit, and travel through the area served by the Creve Coeur Fire Department. The Creve Coeur Fire Department will provide treatment, transportation or other required services to the nearest appropriate medical facility in the case of illness or injury without regard to the patients ability to pay. The care and treatment will be provided to all patients without prejudice to race, color, creed, religion or sexual orientation. We will provide fire prevention education and safety precautions along with the preservation of property from fire. We will constantly strive to improve our quality of the care provided, the quality of our membership, the quality of the training provided to our members and the education provided to our community.



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